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Founded in 1983, Cross Insurances has been serving the local community, and greater Dublin area, ever since. 

Today, our striving west Dublin-based company is jointly run by Owners and Working Directors, Padraig Ahearne and Dermot Rutherford, who have 75 years combined experience in the insurance industry, and with our professional in-house team, are providing a broad range of insurance services. 

Cross Insurances Ltd remains true to the day we were founded, based on our mission as an independent broker, committed to the principles of service, professionalism and integrity, whilst providing our clients with the highest quality service with the aim to exceeding the expectations.

Our Team

Padraig Ahearne
Owner and Working Director
Dermot Rutherford
Owner and Working Director
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Cross Insurances Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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