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Charity insurance, otherwise called not-for-profit insurance, is a specialist cover, designed to protect a charity, not-for-profit organisation or local community group.


In simple terms, it’s business insurance tailored specifically to the design of charitable organisations and the day-to-day risks they face.


If you have any of the following exposures – you will need to consider an insurance policy to cover the risks:

  • Volunteers who interact with the public

  • Volunteers who might do Flag Day fundraising

  • Trustees that need Indemnity Protection

  • Direct employees working on your behalf

  • Premises that the public can visit such as charity shops, owned or rented


If so, please get in touch and we will assist you in obtaining cover that best fits your organisation.


To start the journey, please contact:
or call Colm on
(086) 262 3352


Thanks! We'll get back to you shortly.

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