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If your profession or business requires you to advise others, you could be exposed to claims for breaches in the duty of care. If in the course of your work advising clients, you make a mistake or fail to do something that could cause financial loss to another person then you should purchase this cover


You might need Professional Indemnity Insurance if:

  • Your business provides professional services, expert advice or consultancy, for a fee

  • Your work could lead to a dispute over quality, or copyright – for instance, if you are in the publishing business or as a graphic designer or architect

  • Your line of work leaves you exposed to claims of professional negligence. If you provide training in an area such as health and safety or first aid

  • You are a consultant a contractor or work freelance, or provide services on a self-employed basis for a fee

  • You have access to confidential customer information


This type of cover is now available in a seamless package type policy incorporating not just the Professional Indemnity cover but can include property and office risks including public and employers liability risks.


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